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About Us

We stand for premium quality on everything we offer. Fair trade ethically sourced coffee. An unparalleled selection of loose leaf teas for those tea lovers out there paired with a Greek cuisine influenced top notch brunch experience, deli sandwiches, and pastries alongside continental style gateaux and celebration cakes in a stylish, friendly and relaxed locale.

For Every Occasion

• Cake Delivery • Eat in or take away • Continental breakfast options • Lunchtime deli snacks • Greek style brunch • family gatherings • after work treats • Take out cake deals •

A Cake lovers paradise

Choose from a delectable portfolio of sweet treats including over 25 varieties of rich French and Italian inspired gateaux; syrupy Greek tray bakes; homemade biscuits; melt-in-your-mouth macaroons, and glorious celebration cakes.

Premium Quality

Our cakes and gateaux contain no e-numbers, artificial sweeteners or preservatives. They’re handcrafted in-house, using fresh, natural ingredients – you won’t find cheap, additive-laden supermarket/cash & carry type cakes on our premises.

Our ovens are always on the go for freshly baked pastries, paninis, baguettes, croissants, homemade cakes and more.

Our Coffee

We work collaboratively with our local roasters, Addams and Russell to provide Fairtrade, single estate Brazilian Ipanema beans. We stick to a strict formula to guarantee consistency


We offer an unparalleled selection of loose leaf teas to satisfy all taste buds. We source both locally and internationally to ensure customers are spoiled for choice, to enjoy in store, or on the go.


    We always have a wide choice of celebration cakes – simply pop in, choose your favourite and take it home to your loved ones. We can add a personalised message on the spot and free of charge.

Wake & Cate Wholesale

 contact us for further information.

The Team


20 years’ experience in the café sector, 10 of which in patisseries. Responsible for business development of Zoomzerie, Wake’s sister shops across Europe.


Our cake expert, responsible for providing expertise and advice on keeping our displays full to the brim. Quadrilinguist. Mady spends most of her time managing our sister Bucharest shop, which pioneers in all trends cake related.


Responsible for all Wake & Cate operations including HR, suppliers, food hygiene and safety, business development strategy, customer satisfaction and relations. Extensive multinational experience in large volume sales, finance, fundraising and business management.